Conservative Strategy

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We are have developed 2 strategies. These are well tested strategies. For experience traders there will not be any problem as we think they have already experienced the brutal character of market meted out traders who do adventurism here. For novice traders my only appeal is please do this on paper (paper trading) for as long as you can until you get comfortable with finding real entries and able to exit as per rules. If you need any help please email me, I will try to clear your doubts as much as possible.

Conservative Strategy – 1

This strategy we are using currently and this is our primary strategy to play safe. You can see in your performance page how well this is working.

Conservative (non-directional) Strategy – 2

This strategy we used previously until we developed Strategy 1. We use it now also depending upon market condition. This has higher degree of risk than Strategy 1.

Our target is small, so our risk is negligible. You can earn 20-25% yearly on their investment from the market with a good strategy and strict discipline. See the performance page of this strategy. But you need to understand and learn by paper trading. Once you are able to tune yourself to follow the rules, you can increase return by scaling up your investment.

Please feel free to ask me any queries you may have. If you ask please give me time to respond. Looking forward for you ideas and remarks.

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