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Welcome to TradeMySystem.

In today’s dynamic world economic situation around us is changing pretty fast. Cost getting increased and interests in savings getting reduced across the board. All deposits are being exposed to market. If we can’t beat the inflation at least by double, we are not saving effectively. Legitimate jobs are scarce which pay for 2 hot meals and decent accommodation to stay. This critical condition is pushing more and more educated youngsters to try luck in stock and future market.

It is possible… WE DO IT

If you are a small trader with limited capital want to earn better return than fixed deposits by online trading in share market, you have come to the right place. We live off of the market and from our long experience we can say that, yes, it is possible to earn consistently by trading.

Only thing is, we need to use a proven system or strategy repeatedly without manipulation which will give us our targeted return in trading consistently.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? You have read these words in at least a 100 websites till now. So, what next? What is that proven system or plan?

Yes… We have proven TRADING PLANS

Yes, at TradeMySystem, we have developed such systems which we use to extract small profits from trading consistently.

As you have already heard or experienced that earning is not easy in share trading. Only 5% succeed in their trading life. Yes, very true. But there is a catch. Trading involves liquid money, and handling liquid money is always risky. If you carry cash in pocket, you have to be extra cautious, otherwise you may loose those in busy roads, in bus or train. But if you carry less money and took enough precaution, you will be able to save it 99% of the time. Exactly same thing applies in trading. Anything involves liquid money is risky. You have to take calculated risk and try to manage the risk as much as possible.

Target for a minimum return and do it repeatedly, you will end up as winner in trading in the long term. You just have to use a proven strategy and repeat it every time while trading. Never overstep the precautions suggested by that strategy.

We have discussed here our plans for all fellow traders’ benefit. These plans are developed after much pain, research and efforts. Since 2009, our initial days in trading, we spent lakhs in hiring stock advisers, tips providers without success. No, you can’t win in trading by simply hiring brains. You must learn to develop and follow systems which most importantly suits your risk profile and psychology other than giving consistent return.

We have created this website to help fellow small traders to earn from this market. Yes, you can follow our trades which we are going to update at this website. These are our own trades, which we are executing in real time, not intended for anyone else. However, we are sharing these with you so that you, if interested and convinced, can follow and earn too.

Wish you good luck and wealth.

Happy Trading.

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