BankNifty Weekly Option Strategy

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Friends, I am not able either attend to market regularly or missing market at the time of taking action. My request is my strategy is clearly explained in the Conservative Strategy pages (BankNifty Weekly Option Strategy 1 and BankNifty Weekly Option Strategy 2), please follow those strategies and take benefit of my research.

Hope you could take beautiful entry offered by market on 20th at the closing hours. It was clear spread entry at 27800 and 27900 which offered good 12-13+ pts during previous week.

This week also Friday it gave good opportunity of taking position in 27400 and 27500 strikes, I was available, but as per my strategy I generally take position starting Tuesday. So following that I haven’t taken any position.

Due to my work engagement I missed last week’s trade. Market gives everyone chance to take position as well as exit position. We have to take action as per our plan.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you. Happy trading.

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